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What is Coaching for Business?

Those of you who know me have experienced my endless analogies. These stories are effective because they not only help you understand the current situation, but also the future ones. Plus, more importantly, help us clarify the priorities.

If you think of your business (or life) as a boat, most of us have found ourselves in a pretty good river. Generally, we have drifted in a good direction, occasionally running aground or hitting obstacles in the water. In my work, I sometimes help the captain, sometimes the crew. It may be that we have no map or chart of where we are going. The boat itself may be too big or small or have leaks in it. But in nearly all cases we are really just drifting along, hoping that the current will somehow take us where we (might) want to go.  Since there are enough activities and chores to do, we all get distracted by the tasks instead of aiming for a result.

Business Coaching is that opportunity to take a fresh look at who we are, what we want to be and how we make that happen, consistently. Its about getting all the crew (including the captain) pulling the oars in the same direction so, when we work hard, we aren’t frustrated with each other and we get farther than we could by ourselves.

I would enjoy any feedback or comments. If this story kindles your interest in what could be, please contact us.

Thank you.

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