Business Resolutions – I’m Really Going to Achieve Them This Time

William Germanetti, Business Coach in Geneva, Illinois. iMPACT Business Coaching

Business Resolutions

We all need a boost from time to time and the classic New Year’s resolution process is one of the best. It is also a “too close to home” joke about how long you lasted before you gave up on your business resolutions last year. What happened? Why didn’t it stick?

Coming to terms with needing to change or evolve is difficult for most people.  Congratulations on making the choice! Great first step.

Next Step is picking the right topic, the right goal. It has to be realistic and achievable. For me, I try to pick something that really matters, that is a difference maker in my life or those around me.

I also pick something that is hard for me to do. If it’s easy, I will likely do it already. I want this process to make a real difference and help me do something I want to do, but have a hard time doing. (If you are not sure what to work on for your business, that’s what we do. We help you with ideas, priorities and actionable plans.)

Keep it Small, Keep it Tight

You are ready for the important step. Break your goal down into smaller, actionable and measurable items.

We need to be able to wrap our heads around this goal. What does it look like when we are achieving it? We need to believe that we can do it. The end goal is too big if we just focus on that.

However, if we break it down into a daily (no longer than weekly) activity then we increase our chances of doing it. We can forgive ourselves if we miss a day. Sometimes it can be used to reinforce our effort for tomorrow.

Write down your daily activity using a scorecard method and track yourself. Put the scorecard on your wall, your computer screen, mirror or dashboard of your car. These self-imposed tricks work.


In December, I recruited an accountability partner for my own business. I have to declare my weekly intentions and report my results.

We have worked to make it a ‘safe’ accountability process. It’s okay to share the truth, when I fail and when I succeed. Because its about getting closer to result I want and need. If I/we can be honest in what worked, what didn’t and what got in the way, then we can improve and move forward.

That process is cause for a celebration and provides fuel for the next day and week.


Please add comments below. If you dare, please email me your personal or business resolutions.

iMPACT provides Leaders focus and accountability in order to achieve the goals set for themselves, their businesses and their extended business families.

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