Business Testimonials for iMPACT Business Coaching.  It is important that our work does make life changing improvements. Its about your vision, not ours, but we help you discover, rediscover or clarify your vision.  Then we get to the work of achieving it.  Please consider the below testimonials to anticipate the iMPACT we could have for you, your family and your business family. 

An Alternative Energy Company, – $4.5 million Revenues   CASE STUDY Alternative Energy

Bill came to help us take our company to the “next level.” He was professional, innovative and very knowledgeable while at the same time a quick learner in terms of understanding our particular business. He left us with ample tools in cash management, forecasting and job quoting which will help us for years to come! I would definitely recommend Bill to anyone looking to improve their company.


Disaster Recovery and Construction Services Company – $11 million Revenues

“Our on-site consultant for this project has been Bill Germanetti. I am very pleased with the service and support provided by Bill. He has done a great job recognizing inefficiencies within our business and helping make improvements to our processes & procedures.

In addition to the quality of the service provided by Mr. Germanetti, I was also pleased with his demeanor and how well he was able to communicate and work with our employees. Despite initial push back by some employees who were fearful of having a “consultant” watching over them, Mr. Germanetti was able to establish a trust at all levels of our staff. This trust gave him the ability to much more effective in his training, support and implementation of new processes and procedures.”


Distribution Company with Warehouse and Delivery – $4.5 million Revenues

I am writing you as an owner and the primary contact and operations manager throughout the consulting process. As an owner of a distribution company for over 14 years, we as a company have had many frustrating years. While the other owner and I have been very successful over the years as salesperson, it took several years and lot of growth for me to recognize that while we were more than successful as sales representatives, we were very ineffective as sales managers. Over the years we have had little success replicating our efforts with other salespeople. Having hired Bill’s company as a consulting firm, I looked forward to the new possibilities and direction the company could potentially move with the right person. I approached the concept with an open mind and a realization that many things would have to change, namely me and secondly the four members of ownership.

As I began to process how I wanted to convey Bill’s professionalism from my point of view, I realized that you don’t need me to tell you about his financial, management or organizational skills, you hired him because of his background and abilities. While I have been thoroughly impressed with all of Bill’s insight, vision, financial prowess and focus, I have been most impressed with Bill’s handling of the many different personalities from top to bottom. His ability to communicate with everyone from the common everyday hourly wage person to the salaried employee and all the way up through the salesperson and ownership was very impressive.


Startup Internet Services Company – Projected Sales $2.5 million

Bill interfaces well with all company staff members. He is quick to analyze the scope of a problem and rapidly find the best economical solution. His analytical ability is among the best I have seen. He has the ability to lead and motivate others to accomplish the tasks needed to complete any required project.


Recreational Vehicle New and Used Dealer – $21 million Revenues

It was a pleasure working with Bill. He brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and ideas with him that we could implement right away in our business. He’s truly a professional and a great guy. I would recommend him to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.


Accountant Specializing in Audit, Tax and Business Advisory services

Bill has exceptional financial and people skills and is a true pleasure to work with. He has a much valued ability to understand broad and complex issues, arrive at solutions and implement them. I have worked with Bill in various capacities and he continues to impress.


Co-Consultant working with Support Services Company to Oil and Gas  – $23 million Revenues

I worked with Bill for several months on a project in North Dakota. He did an excellent job interfacing with various financial associates from this client. His technical skills are outstanding and Bill has the ability to take complex issues and break them down into segments that are easy to understand. He also has great people skills and was a valuable asset to the client.


Design and Build Inventor for the Music Recording Industry – Chicago, Illinois

Bill is an expert in all things business, a trusted advisor and confidant, and an all around great guy. Calm and methodical in any situation, Bill brings thoughtfulness, experience, and wisdom to any challenge. Bill’s business instincts, backed with his vast experience, and topped off by his intelligence, combine to make Bill an invaluable advisor. Highly recommended!


$1.5 million Clothing Retailer – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – January, 2012

Over the past 3 working weeks, we have had William Germanetti working with us to assess our business, and create controls that we can use to help us reach our potential.  He has helped us see where policies and procedures are needed to help improve our business format and taught us how to implement these changes. He has also given us the necessary tools to run our business proactively by setting goals, maintaining informative charts that allow us to look at our business on an ongoing basis, create and adhere to work day schedules to keep us on track, and give us a general understanding of how the different aspects of our business tie into one another to create a “big picture” that we can change and modify as our needs change.

William has been clear in his teachings, thorough and precise.  Because of the incredible amount of information that he has shared with us in such a short time, there are some points that are not completely clear.  However, his notes and final written breakdown of everything we have discussed give us confidence to move forward without his presence here in our store.  He has repeatedly encouraged, if not been insistent, that we contact him as soon as questions arise so that he can address our concerns and to help us stay on track while learning to implement the tools we have laid out together.  I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with William and appreciate all of his efforts and his patience.  We had never imagined taking on a venture like this before and I am very impressed with the benefits that I am already able to see.



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