William (Bill) Germanetti – Business Coach

“There are no answers in the numbers, they only help us ask the Right Questions?” Bill Germanetti

My philosophy on business is that all businesses are essentially a family and; therefore, some (if not all) families are dysfunctional. They need regular effort in monitoring, maintaining and strengthening relationships within the family and between family members (between employees and employees with management). If we do that, our business is more productive, more profitable, clients are better serviced, and employees are happier and stay longer.

At iMPACT, we focus on your business and your business purpose (Brand).  We make sure the structure, expectations and accountability match the Brand, whether in Sales, Operations or Finance teams. We then train, coach and mentor your teams to achieve the results, consistently.

The intangible results are building or strengthening brand, culture, communication, process, scalability, sustainability and legacy. The tangible results are increased sales, margins, profits and market value while reduced time and dependency on ownership and senior management.

Business Coach BIO

Meet Your Coach: William (Bill) Germanetti

– Coaching Owners and Executives for Growth, Profit and Performance – Results Focused
– Assisting companies through Financial Crisis
– Partnering through strategic business management and active accountability Management
– Succession Business Planning and Transition Planning
– 6 Pillars of Business Success




“Bill came  to help us take our company to the “next level.” He was professional, innovative and very knowledgeable while at the same time a quick learner in terms of understanding our particular business. He left us with ample tools in cash management, forecasting and job quoting which will help us for years to come! I would definitely recommend Bill to anyone looking to improve their company.”

“Bill interfaces well with all company staff members. He is quick to analyze 
the scope of a problem and rapidly find the best economical solution. His analytical ability is among the best I have seen.He has the ability to lead and motivate others to accomplish the tasks needed to complete any required project.”

“I first met Bill a little over a year ago and have recently hired him as a business coach for my company. I am extremely impressed with his professionalism, and the energy and excitement he shows on a project is contagious. Bill is very easy to trust and he brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the table. Even though we are just beginning our professional relationship, he has already made a positive impact on my thought processes and I can’t wait to see what will come next. I highly recommend taking the time to talk to Bill to see what he can do for you.”

Business Coaching Specialties:

Sales, Operations and Finance Management, Business Systems, Vision and Goal Setting and Dashboard Tracking, Banking and Finance Arranger, CEO,CFO, Sales Management, Crisis Management and Vendor/Supply Negotiation, Employee Incentives and Development, Teamwork and Functionally Focused Management Systems.

Business Coaching
Executive Coaching
Business Consulting
Vision and Employee Culture Training
Startup and Branding – Connection with Customer and Employee
Business Strategy and Business Plans
Accountability Management
– Sales Management
– Project Management
– Financial Management
Equipment and Working Capital Financing Programs
Human Resource Full Cycle Program (Define, Interview, Onboarding, Review, Incentives, Development)
Active Executive Management
– Temporary CEO & CFO Services
– Crisis Management
– Turnaround General Management
Financial and Cash Flow Tools and Mentoring
– Projections and Modeling
– Metrics and Dashboarding


  • 10 Years experience in Business Coaching, Business Consulting and Business Turnaround work.
  • 25 Years experience in Commercial Banking and Commercial Financing and Leasing.
  •  More background is contained in linkedin profile

Current Business Ownership:

– iMPACT Business Coaching, Inc. – Business Coaching and Consulting Business – www.impactbizcoaching.com

– Electronaut Company – Design, Engineering and Manufacturing of Tools for the Music Recording Industry – www.electronaut.info

Prior Business Ventures:

– Residential Roofing and Painting Company

– Medical Billing and Insurance Processing Company

– Equipment Sales, Service, Maintenance Company and National Association of Independent Equipment Dealers

– Equipment Finance and Brokerage Company


Vision Executed with iMPACT


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