QuickBooks Training

We have been training businesses to make money and actively manage their businesses for iMPACT for over 10 years.  Quickbooks is a powerful and low cost accounting and business management tool.   NEXT STEP

Daily Users:

We know all of the tricks and tips.

We implement or facilitate upgrades and first installations of quickbooks.

We explain the accounting and business concepts behind the daily processes.  So it makes sense.

We know accounting, banking, business and finance.

We know people and processes and how to streamline and focus both.

We are great team builders and ‘demystify’ computers, accounting and numbers.


Go Beyond Data Collection:

Our highest benefit to a company is to help them actively manage the business and control or steer the direction of the business.  A key tool to accomplish this is to have information or data from which to run the business (run the business from the numbers).  This can be any kind of measureable data, not just dollars.

Cost Accounting and Job Costing – Know if you made money and where

Cash Management – Know who to pay and you decide when (for a sustainable program)

Cash Collection and Accounts Receivable Management – Know who to call for money (efficiency)

Inventory Management – Know if you have the right inventory and the right amount of inventory

Profitability – Know the difference between profits and cash flow

Business Risk Profile – Know what a balance sheet is for and how to use it as your road map to success


Programs and Pricing:

QuickBooks Training is available in a Group or Individual setting.  We prefer to train at your offices using your actual program and data.

– Hourly Training

– Daily Training Programs

– On-site Training

– Remote Help Desk

– A/R Collection Training, Policy and Processes

– Chart of Accounts re-mastering for Profit Creation and Management

– Ratios, Metrics and Business Dashboard

– Accountability Tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)


Email wgermanetti@iMPACTbizCoaching.com


QuickBooks training in Geneva, Illinois and Greater Chicagoland

QuickBooks training in Batavia, Illinois. QuickBooks training in St. Charles, Illinois.

Fox Valley, West Chicago, Aurora, North Aurora, Elgin, Illinois.

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