Curb Appeal to Get You Inside, Foundation to Live By

I recently read something in Entrepreneur Magazine by Aaron Keller of Capsule in Minneapolis. He convincingly related Selling Your Business to Selling a House: Create Great Curb Appeal (through Branding and Imaging).  http:/

I especially like his point 3) on Brand Assets where the brand is clear, consistent and communicated both internally and externally.  His conclusion is good curb appeal gets more buyers interested. Thanks to Aaron for a great article.

My game (management consulting and employee engagement) is more about the framing and foundation of the house. As a potential buyer, I appreciate a nice curb appeal to get me inside, but then I want to see if the house will last (without the prior owner).  That lasting will depend upon how well the prior owner set up Organization Structure, Processes, Procedures and, of course, People to understand and embody that Brand/Vision and deliver it consistently.


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