Case Studies in Business Coaching:

Process Improvement and Business Coaching need to drive real results.  The following case studies are actual cases worked by iMPACT Business Coaches and Consultants over the past 10 years.  In some cases, certain information has been changed to maintain confidentiality.  The business lessons, ROI and iMPACT are the focus.

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Expected Results:

Typically you can expect a 2 to 1 return on your monetary investment. Critical to any improvement is continuation and ongoing commitment to the improvement as well as monitoring and feedback to evolve and adapt the improvement over time.  What is harder to measure is the improvement to stress, collaboration and work environment for yourself and your employees.  Our results are truly life changing as our businesses are a center part of our lives.

Case Studies in Business Coaching and ROI (Return on Investment):

Increase Revenue

Drive Employee Engagement

Recreate Meetings to 2 way Benefit

Allow Business to Grow beyond its Core People

Maintain the Magic even through Rapid Growth

Start up Businesses

Create Direct Sales Plan, Budget and Accountability

Crisis Management

Good Enough Ain’t Good Enough Anymore

Transition Planning for Ownership and Management

Opportunity Cost (Upside of Efficiency)

Focus and Priority

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