How to Get Started

How do you get started on Business Coaching with iMPACT?  That’s the easy part, right after the hard part of admitting that getting help is okay.

Call  (847) 544-6878 or email to start a conversation.

The Process and Next Steps:

Our Business Coaching first session will be complementary:

  1. Goal – Determine if its a fit for both of us.
  2. Topics
    • What is Business Coaching and/or Business Consulting?
    • Is there another way?
    • What do you want different?
    • Why does it matter?
    • What gets you excited? / What keeps you up at night?
    • How committed are you to making a lasting improvement?
  3. Possible Outcomes / Next Steps
    • Schedule on-site Business Assessment including Sales, Operations and Finance
    • Engage Vision/Strategy/Action Program
    • Engage CEO Coaching and Accountability Program
    • Learn from each other, but part ways


Congratulations on getting this far in your search for improving your business. We look forward to working along side you to build the business you originally envisioned.

Vision Executed with iMPACT!


Business Coaching first session in Geneva, IL, St. Charles, IL, Fox Valley, IL.


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