A Better Way to Address Business Performance Issues

Business Performance – A better way to address Business Performance Issues

William Germanetti   |   07 October 2014   |

My first start is acknowledge that management had a lot to do with getting ourselves in this situation. My number 1 issue is clarifying what the expectations are for their functional role.

Next, I explain what the big picture is and how their team fits into the picture. I quickly build trust by showing care about them and their personal goals and working to re-engage them by painting a picture of what life at work could be, if they were engaged, their team was listened to, empowered and held accountable for that responsibility.

If there is still an issue, it is attitude, training or capability. Attitude is the killer. They have a choice to join our team or join someone else’s. This is rare. Training is usually the real problem, and lack of management/leadership. Capability can’t be fixed. Either they get moved to where they can contribute (and have fun doing it) or they would have to go.

I take the position that the organization needs business performance from its various functions. We have people to make it all work, but we don’t have to be perfect, just work well together.

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